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Northview Girls Lacrosse Try-Outs: Jan 23-27

It's that time! Try-outs for the 2017 Spring season will begin on Monday, Jan 23rd and continue daily through Friday, Jan 27th. Try-outs are open to all eligible female students at Northview High School.  

  • Tryout sign-ups can be completed HERE.
  • Complete all forms on Privit HERE. Instructions can be found in the Physicals/Reqd Paperwork tab on the homepage of our website.

Tryout Requirements/Expectations/Assessments

1. ALL required paperwork completed and submitted. 

2. Bring and Maintain equipment and appropriate clothing for indoor/outdoor/track activities

a. Cleats
b. Tennis Shoes
c. Mouth Guard
d. Stick
e. Goggles
f. WARM LAYERS- more than you think you need!!


1. Athletes will arrive on time (15 minutes before practice time), prepared and ready to warm up.
2. Athletes will participate in ALL practices and ALL drills/conditioning activities each day of the tryout (unless other
arrangements have been made AHEAD OF TIME)

Tryout Assessment: ln an effort to make the tryout fair and to provide equal experiences for all athletes we have created a list of the critical components we will consider as we make the final JV and Varsity Lacrosse team selections. The following is a list of the areas on which athletes will be evaluated during the tryout period. A sample evaluation form is included in this packet.

Stick work:
1.Left Hand stick skills - p
assing, catching, shooting

2. Right Hand stick skills - passing, catching, shooting

Defensive Footwork:

1. 8 meter defensive footwork/movement

2. Midfield Defense

Fitness: The following are a list of timed runs we will complete during tryouts. The maximum time expected is listed next to each distance.

1. Timed 400 (under 1:35 minutes)
2. Timed 800 (under 3:40 minutes)
3. Timed 1 mile (under 8:00 minutes)

4. Timed 2 mile (under 16:00 minutes)

Attitude/Work Ethic:

1. lntensity

2. Focus

3. Teamwork


1. Willingness to try new things

2. Application of instructions

Game Sense/Teamwork:

1. 3v3
2. 5v5
3. 7v7
4. Scrimmages