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Northview Women’s Lacrosse

2018 Team Expectations


  • Field practice starts at (TBD).  Practice is mandatory.  You must be in at least 3 full class periods to practice that day or play in a game.


  • In the event you will miss practice because of illness or injury you must notify your coach before practice by leaving calling your coach directly.  You must bring a note from your parent (or doctor) when you return to practice after an illness or injury. 


  • If you see a doctor for any reason, then you MUST bring a note from that doctor releasing you to play before you may return to the field in practice or games.


  • Homework is NOT an excuse for missing practice.  Plan ahead and get homework/projects done on the weekend if needed.


  • Any other absences from practice must be discussed with your coach prior to the absence and be accompanied by a parent’s note.  Any unexcused absence from practice will result in the loss of the privilege of starting in the next game.  Two unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team.  Attendance at practice will directly impact playing time in games.


  • Arrive 1 hour early to home games ready to begin warm-ups.  You are expected to return to NHS on the bus from away games.  


  • Players are expected to take jewelry off and have a mouth guard, stick, eye protection, practice jersey and water bottle at every practice and game. 


  • When you arrive at practice put your belongings to the side and bring your lacrosse equipment (including water bottle) to the sidelines.  If you arrive early then go out on the field to pass with a partner or shoot (balls are always available!)


  • Uniforms and any loaned equipment must be returned at the end of the season.  It is your responsibility to pay for any lost or damaged equipment. 


  • Lacrosse is your focus during practice and game times.  Leave distractions in the parking lot…including talking about your day at school, schoolwork, boys, family issues and other activities.  We realize these are important elements in your lives but lacrosse time is your chance to get away from your other stresses. 


  • Playing time is based on effort, attitude, skill, focus, and participation at practice.  Starting positions are earned for every game, not guaranteed.  If you are unhappy with your playing time, then you need to ask your coaches how you can improve and earn more time.  We are always happy to talk about ways to improve and encourage every player to check in periodically to get specific feedback on how to grow as a player. 


  • Good sportsmanship is a MUST.  This includes being gracious when we are ahead, positive when we are down and being polite and respectful to each other, our opponents, officials and fans.  Any sign of bad sportsmanship, whether it be verbal or physical, will result in immediate removal from a game.


  • As student-athletes we expect you to be role models in the Northview community.  Following the training rules is non-negotiable.  No involvement with drinking, smoking or illegal drugs.  Don’t let your teammates down by making a bad decision! 


  • Energy drinks (like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar…) are banned for use by athletes prior to and during practice or games.  Their high levels of caffeine will dehydrate players.


  • Initiation activities that are embarrassing, humiliating or dangerous could be considered acts of hazing.  Hazing is not acceptable at any time, on or off the field.  Any hazing activities will result in removal from the team and could result in expulsion from school or legal charges. 


  • Remember that the internet is a public forum.  Look critically at anything you have posted on the internet.  Take down any information that you would not want your opponents, current coaches, or college coaches to view about you.  Remember that you want your internet postings to reflect you in a positive light.


  • As coaches we believe in your potential to be a positive team member and successful lacrosse player.  Our goal is to give you constant opportunities to learn, improve and succeed throughout the season.  We want your spring season to be a valuable, rewarding, challenging and fun experience!



  • All athletes and their parents are responsible for being aware of and adhering to policies outlined in the 2017-2017 Fulton County/GHSA Athletic Handbook.


  • We are all excited about the upcoming season – welcome to the Northview High School Women’s Lacrosse Program!