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Lacrosse Skills for the Season:


Cradling: right/left hand on top, triple threat position (able to cradle, pass or shoot at any time) , move both arms and wrists in unison (like rocking a baby), top hand 1/3 way down stick, bottom hand at bottom of stick,  arms out from body and relaxed, soft grip with fingers – shaft not in palm of hand,  stick almost parallel to ground, ball near shooting strings, maintaining shoulder- shoulder-stick for protection of stick, switching hands,

Passing: triple threat position…turn body, arm position – stick head above and behind shoulder with top arm with elbow straight out from shoulder, top hand goes up and then toward target, snap wrist of top hand as bottom hand pulls end of shaft across body to opposite hip, power comes from pull of lower hand across body to hip, step onto opposite foot and rotate upper body until shoulders are facing forward again, follow through for accuracy…vary release for protected shots, side arm, reverse pass, underarm pass/shovel pass, flip pass – top hand in front of knees with head inverted, behind the back, from right in front of shoulder, non dom on top,  (practice catching with back of stick)

Catching: give with it into power position (triple threat position), hits stick near shooting strings, follow into stick with eyes, position of stick to ask for it, asking for it in variety of positions, catch on opposite side, pull across into cradle as part of catch, immediate scan for next pass

Dodging:  change of speed + change of direction to get past a defender, sell it, be tricky, be creative, decelerate into dodge and accelerate out of dodge, body between defender and stick at all times, Rolling without switching/with switching, pull across dodge – keeping same hands or switching hands – keep hips pointed forward throughout dodge, stutter, rock and roll dodge (start roll and then roll back halfway through),

Groundballs: stationary and ball rolling away – may need to come across path of ball at angle, bend at hips and knees, stick position parallel to ground, eyes over ball, same side foot as top hand level with ball, accelerate stick head under ball by pushing down with bottom hand and forward and up with top hand, pull into face and tight cradle.  Ball rolling across – place stick at right angle to ball’s path and give with the ball before inverting and cradling.  Ball rolling toward – like catching a low pass, reach with inclined stick position, give with ball toward body, then invert to cradle, keep moving forward during pickup while giving back with stick

Checking: repeated tapping to dislodge ball, stick must go away from body, foot and body position first, don’t commit – let check come to you, must keep balance to make repeated checks, keep feet moving, don’t step toward the ball carrier to check, be ready for gb, check on a ground ball, on a switch and roll, on a double, include GB pickup after check

Shooting: like a pass but faster and with different intent, more power, look at open net (not goalie), follow through,  on the move, free positions, accuracy, varied release positions, reverse shot, side arm, loose ball (shot from GB pickup), quick sticks, bounce shots, shooting from right in front of face using mostly upper hand wrist.

Individual Defense:  for guarding the ball carrier, to limit where the ball carrier may go, footwork – D’s feet match direction of ball carriers feet in transition, body position – off A’s hip on strong side to force cradle on non dom, stick vertical – hands near bottom of stick, elbows out with forearms parallel to body, be patient – let the check come to you, anticipate where the ball carrier wants to go and get there first, don’t allow A to dictate your path, if get behind recover with feet first then body then stick, can’t touch opponent with stick at all including with the shaft, watch attack’s hips to see where the next move will be

Defense in midfield: forcing weakside, picking up player who is already moving (contain and direct – not check), foot position, conceding the pass and ready to play force weak defense (but ready for the interception), forcing out the sideline, stop the fast break by slowing the ball down, talk (“Ball” “got two” “help” “bring her”), stick in passing lane and body goalside of player without ball, timing of slides, anticipate the pass,

Double teams: in midfield - when, who;  in the 12 meter during set attack, sliding, talking (“ball” “hot”- one pass from ball, “slide” – 2 passes from ball, “crease” or “box” – 3 passes from ball

Defense in 12m arc: force weak on 45 deg from around position 5 toward 3, otherwise force to outside, must be stick’s length (not arm+stick) in 8 meter, pressure the ball and all others wait at 9m

Defense below restraining line: ballside/goalside, triangle of ball and player, using peripheral vision, force weakside/outside, defending a screen

Defense at crease: forcing up the line, double teams near crease, when to follow behind, playing zone at the crease

Defense after fouls:  of foul where clear lane to goal, of 8 meter shot, of foul in midfield, indirect, sideline, endline

Attack after fouls:  of foul where clear lane to goal, 8 meter shot, in midfield, indirect, sideline, endline

Interceptions/Blocking: anticipating, baiting (esp in midfield), positioning for interceptions (but ready to play strong side defense), extended stick straight up to sky (not reaching towards opponent), be ready for groundball

Attack in midfield: Creating space for your cut and for teammates in midfield – get lower than ball and outside, spacing, talk, rolling off sideline to keep ball in play, give and go, sprinting holding ball/stick with one hand, sprint with ball with strategic cradling, zig zag sprint, changing fields,

Attack in fan: [breathe, slow down and stop cutting – cut for a purpose either to score or to clear space], reading the defense to determine cut (“ponytail rule” – if you see your defenders ponytail then you start to cut – if ball carrier is not looking at you when you hit the 8 then turn back out), pass and cut in with cut determined by what your defense is doing, receive ball and look for immed pass back to passer who is now cutting then drive to goal if no pass, keeping defense occupied if off ball by being on their back hip and looking to be next pass option (but don’t cut through), driving 1v1 when space has been created, cutting from behind and using shooting space to advantage,  back door cut, front door cut, elbow cut, stay out of fan if defended, who has best cut, timing of cuts, asking for ball, setting screens/picks – in fan, midfield…, cutting off a screen, draw and dump,  feed from behind and in front – both with defense, backing out of doubles while protecting stick with head up and looking for pass, 

Drawing:  draw specialists (4), set up, box out, plan, players below restraining line, movement outside circle, cutting after draw,

Special Situations:  Stalling, breaking a stall (“tight”- everyone playing tight on their player everywhere including behind, “squeeze” – sending a doubler onto the ball with constant adjustment to leave one player far from the ball), player up/down following yellow card,

Clears: – patterns of cuts, having low option, setting screens on clears, pressuring the goalie (always), what to do if they pressure goalie, defender takes ball out of crease option, defending the clear, back passes and changing fields to get ball upfield after clear

Throws: when you are part of the throw, when you are a player close to the throw…


Plays:  TBD



  • Equipment:
  • Positions:  2 options:
    • 4 defense, 3 middies, 4 attack – low attack(A1), high attack(A2), middies, high defense (D2), low defense (D1),  OR
    • 3 defense, 5 middies, 3 attack
  • Field markings
  • Crease rules
  • Checking
  • Major Fouls – shooting space, 3 seconds,
  • Minor Fouls
  • Held whistle/flag

what to do about wide shots – attack and defense response



Positions 1-7 around fan

“X” = behind goal, Elbow of fan, Goal line extended, Box or sweet spot in fan, slice (pizza slice) – btw goal line extended and side of fan up to elbow

Hot right, hot left – to right or left of ball in fan

Slide right, slide left – 2 passes from ball in fan

“Crease” or “box” – 3 passes from ball

Zebra – player mismatch