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Northview Girl’s Lacrosse Pre-season Information


Welcome to your journey to secure a place on the 2016 team...competition will be fierce, so get ready!!


A few details for the spring:

  • Tryouts will begin on Monday, January 25, 2016 and the final teams are generally announced by Friday, January 29, provided the weather allows us to practice every day.
  • You MUST have a physical form, insurance form, and concussion form completed and turned into the Athletic Office before you can try out for the team. 
  • You need a lacrosse stick, ADULT face mask (if you played in middle school you will need to check to make sure that your face mask meets the adult standard - not just the youth standard), and molded mouthguard that covers all of your teeth, including your back teeth.  Neither white nor clear mouthguards are allowed.
  • No experience with lacrosse is required to try out for the team, but remember that this is a RUNNING sport.  You will need to follow a preseason conditioning program to be ready for the running that starts on the first day of tryouts.
  • Try-outs will include a timed mile, and timed sprints.  We will be looking for smart players, who are aware of the field and where to be as well as stick skills.  The most qualified players will be chosen, so make sure you work off season!!

Winter Conditioning - A 10 week conditioning program is on the following website tab.  You will need to do this program (or an equivalent conditioning/strengthening program) to be ready for tryouts.  Off Season Fall Practices are NOT enough to get you ready for the season.  For your planning purposes, 10 weeks before January 25 is November 16.