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Northview High School
Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Club By-Laws
Adopted January 30, 2012


The purpose of this organization is to promote and support any and all activities and coaching staff of the Northview High School Lacrosse Girls’ teams.  It is our purpose to:

1. Operate under the NHS Big Booster club, also known as the Northview Athletic Association (NAA).

2. Promote academic achievement and leadership qualities among the players.

3. Cooperate with and support the coaching and administrative staffs of Northview High School.

4. Foster school spirit among the students, faculty, parents and community.

5. Encourage recognition of lacrosse, the players, coaches and the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse program.

6. Enhance communication among the coaches, parents, team members and the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Booster club.

7. Educate coaches, parents and the community about girls’ lacrosse and to promote the sport at all levels.

8. Supply supplementary items and equipment that the coaches and this organization have agreed will enhance the Lacrosse program.

9. Sponsor programs to further the financial support of the team.


Section I
Membership shall be open to anyone who would like to support NHS Girls’ Lacrosse activities.

Section II
Membership and benefits are contingent upon current membership in the Northview Athletic Association (NAA) and payment of Sport Fee allowed by Fulton County.

Section III
No member shall be considered in good standing if Sport Fee and Northview Athletic Association (NAA) membership are not current.


Section I
There will be a minimum of three (3) meetings each year.  The first meeting will be held within the first nine (9) weeks of the Fall semester and pre-season training will be discussed with the players interested in trying out for the team.  The second meeting will be held in February and will be a player/parent informational meeting after the rosters have been posted.  The third meeting will be held in May to elect new officers for the following school year.

Section II
Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Board Members or a petition of 25% of the members in good standing.

Section III
A quorum at any meeting shall consist of 51% of members in good standing.  Voting shall be by a majority vote cast in person.

Section IV
Each family in good standing is allowed one vote per player.


Section I
The newly elected Board members will assume their duties on June 1 and serve a 13-month term (through June 30 of the following year).

Section II
Board Members of this organization are: “Director”, “Treasurer”, “Operations Coordinator”, “Fundraising and Sponsorships Coordinator”, and “Secretary”.

Shall set the agenda for all Executive Board meetings and general meetings, preside over the meetings, serve as liaison with other organizations and attend NAA meetings, appoint the chairpersons of standing committees and other special committees, serve as an ex-officio member of the SELC, handle correspondence with the coaches, verify coaches’ salaries and certification, assign a Board Member to be responsible for E-Mail communication with parents and players, oversee new board nominations and voting procedure, and keep regular communication with board and committee members to monitor that the program is moving forward.

Shall preside in the absence of the Director, shall fill-in for the Director on NAA voting matters, shall collect all Sport Fees and have care and custody of the funds, write a financial budget in collaboration with the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Board and Head Program Coach, present a budget at the second general meeting, present the financial condition of the club at all meetings, present a financial recap of the year at the last general meeting, advise every committee chairperson of his/her budget and monitor spending on all projects, reconcile monthly debits and credits, and, keep Board’s Insurance Policy updated.

Operations Coordinator shall oversee Field operations, work with coaches to evaluate equipment needs, oversee uniform control, create home game promotions, and oversee off-season activities.  Also, oversee special events (Kick-off dinner, End of Season Banquet, Senior Night).  Typically, the entire Board will help oversee/take responsibility for many of the “special” events.

Fundraising and Sponsorships Coordinator shall oversee all fundraising and sponsorship activities throughout the year and make sure we are in compliance with the Athletic Director’s (AD) and the Principal’s directives on such.  Work closely with the Treasurer to ensure events adhere to budgets and assist Operations Coordinator with special events.

Shall keep written records of membership, attendance, and minutes of all meetings, promote NAA membership in the Fall and market program benefits, maintain the Lacrosse website (accuracy & timeliness), maintain a working database for all players and parents.  Use information from registration forms to create the yearly handbook CD.

Head Coach
The Head Program Coach of the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse team is entitled to be a rightful constituent of the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Board.  The Principal, Athletic Director (AD)and Head Program Coach will serve as ex-officio [non-voting] members of the Lacrosse Executive Board.

Section III
If a vacancy occurs in any office of the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Board, the existing Board members will attempt to fill the vacancy from the eligible membership, at-large.  If unable to fill the vacant position, the existing Board Members will assume the responsibilities of the vacant position.  If the Director position becomes vacant, the Treasurer will assume the duties of the Director for the remainder of the term.  If the Treasurer does not wish to take on the duties of the Director position, the Treasurer will appoint a nominating committee composed of three (3) parents in good standing with Northview Girls’ Lacrosse to elect a Director to fill the remaining term.

Section IV
Any Board Member elected to fill a mid-term vacancy shall serve the unexpired portion of the term and may run for re-election of the same or different position within the guidelines of these by-laws.

Section V
To be elected, a potential Board member must have a player on the NHS Girls’ Varsity or Junior Varsity Lacrosse team and must be a member in good standing with the Northview Girls’ Lacrosse and the Northview Athletic Association (NAA).  The positions of Director and Treasurer must be held by parents of Varsity players.


Section I
Standing Committees shall be:
• Kick-Off Dinner
• End-of-Season Banquet
• Spirit wear
• TILT [JV Titan Invitational Lacrosse Tournament]
• SELC Volunteer Coordinator

Section II
The Director may appoint other committees, as needed.


Section I
In early April, the Director will chair a nomination committee composed of the Director and two parents in good standing with the NHS Girls’  Lacrosse Booster club.  The nominating committee shall present the slate of officers at the final Spring meeting.  Current Board members may be on the nominating committee if they do not intend to run again for a Board position.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the Spring meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall prepare a written ballot of all nominees to be presented to the membership for purposes of election at the Spring meeting.  The list of candidates must be presented to the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse club at least seven (7) days prior to voting.  Board Members shall be elected by a majority vote.  All nominees must agree to attend the majority of meetings.

Section II
Board Members shall serve one term and are encouraged to serve for two terms.  No Board member shall serve more than two terms in the same position.

Section III
The term of office for all Board members shall run from June 1 to June 30 of the following year calendar year.


Section I
These guidelines may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) vote of a quorum at any meeting of the organization provided the proposed amendment has been submitted, in writing, to the Director, at least two weeks prior to the meeting.


Section I
The organization shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order Revised in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the guidelines and by-laws of the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Club, the NAA, and, the GHSA.

Section II
The NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Board has the authority to alter, repeal, or adopt By-Laws.  Such altering, amending, repealing or adopting of By-Laws shall be made at a meeting of the Executive Board after all Board Members have received at least a one week notice of such meeting giving notice of the alterations, amendments, repeals, or adoption of new By-Laws to be considered at the meeting.  Such action shall require a  majority vote of those directors attending such a meeting at which a quorum is present.


Section I
No expenditure may be made unless it is a line-item in the budget.

Section II
All purchase requisitions require approval from the NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Board.  Purchases less than $100 require only the Treasurer’s approval. All reimbursements require completion of proper expense forms and prompt submission of these forms to the Treasurer.

Section III
The NHS Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Board and the Head Program Coach will collectively create an operating budget for the current season and, as needed, earmark a capital expenditure(s) for a future season or seasons.