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Team Dues

All players are expected contribute $300 towards this year's booster budget.  This will covers all expenses for the season with the exception of the spring trip to Chattanooga. 

We allow the girls to fundraise the money if they would like. We started fundraising in the fall with Yankee Candle Sales. Several of our girls took advantage of this opportunity to work towards their fundraising goal.  

After the initial $300 is turned in, girls also have the opportunity to continue to raise money towards their $100 due for their spring trip to Chattanooga.

The initial $300 in Team Dues is due on February 11 (Checks payable to Northview Girls Lacrosse)at the Opening Draw dinner. Any additional money to be credited towards the trip is due March 6.

Currrent Available Fundraisers

1500 Thread Count Sheets
The sheets sale from last year was a huge success, and everyone who ordered them expressed that they wished that they'd ordered more sets. They are microfiber, but they feel like Egyptian cotton. They are back this year, with some minor color changes. You can send buyers directly to the online store here or you can print the order form HERE. Sheet sets sell for $35 regardless of size, and your player gets $10 credit for each set sold. You'll need to deliver yours when they come in. You can direct buyers to buy online here on our website, or go to our Forms page and print out an order form. Or you can pick up an order form in Coach Zavlanos's room, room 306.

Northview Tumblers
These tumblers sell for $20-$24, depending on what size you'd like. They are durable hard plastic cups that come with a lid, think of Tervis tumblers (they're not, but they are). We get to keep $6.50 for the 16 oz cups (priced at $20) and $7.50 for the 24 oz cups (priced at $24). Your player will get credited accordingly. You can direct buyers to buy online here on our website, or go to our Forms page and print out an order form.

Yankee Candles
It was so successful for those who did it in the fall, we decided to run it again this spring. If you would like to participate in this, you'll need to go to www.yankeecandlefundraising.com, and set yourself up as a seller, using the group number 990082626. When you do this, you'll get a seller number, and you can pass that seller number out to friends and family. They in turn can order online, entering your group and seller number and you'll get credit for all of your sales. (30-40% depending on the products purchased.)

SELC Tickets
You can sell weekend passes to the SELC (Southeastern Lacrosse Championship) Tournament to be held April 24-26. We have 100 tickets available to sell. You are selling the pass for face value, $20, and Girls Lacrosse gets to keep the entire $20, so you get $20 credit for each one you sell. Please have your buyers place their orders online here until we have printed tickets to pass out.

Don’t feel like fundraising?  You can make a donation to the program as your fundraising if you really want to. You can also have your daughter solicit donations on her behalf.  Many sports do this through online portals such as Team Bank or Our Fund, but those methods take 15-25% off of the top. You can look at how Team Bank and Our Fund work and could opt to send a link to our Online Store to friends and family. We can accept online donations right in our Online Store, again, the link is here.