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  • Retrieve official Scorebook from Head Coach before game (return to coach after game) 
  • Keep score of both teams in the official Scorebook 
  • Log penalties in the official Scorebook. Note the player #, team, time and color of card in the scorebook. 



  • Note the time on the clock when a player or coach is issued a yellow card (2-minute) or red card (4-minute)
  • Monitor the elapsed playing time of each penalty. This is counted as two or four minutes on the game clock, as it runs and stops as appropriate. 
  • Notify the player, coach and officials when the penalty time has ended and the penalty has been released. 
  • If any player receives two yellow cards in the same game, the Scorekeeper will notify the officials immediately 


Team Time-outs 

  • Before the start of the game, confirm with the officials about whether or not they will be keeping the time during time outs. 
  • If the Table will keep a 2 min time during the time out, Scorekeeper shall provide warnings to teams at 1:30, 1:45 and give final warning at 2 min. 


Alternate Possession 

  • Alternate possession (“jump ball”) is determined at the coin toss. 
  • Place a cone on the score table in the side corner of the team who wins coin toss. 
  • Once it is used in the game, the cone moves to the other team’s side. 



  • Notify the referees of any abnormalities with the clock and/or any other obvious malfunctions and shall also call the booth (see cell #). 
  • Notify the referees when there are 2 minutes remaining in each half of the game (to the best of their ability) 
  • The referee will issue their own timeouts and notify the booth to stop the clock.