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Game Time

  • Varsity Game is played in two 25 minute halves / JV Game is two 20 minute halves
  • Varsity Halftime is to be set for 7 minutes / JV Halftime is to be set for 5 minutes.


Opening Draw / Draws after Goals

  • Start clock at the referee’s whistle.
  • Only stop clock if referee blows whistle for a “bad“ draw and has to redo the draw.
  • Clock continues to run on all other whistles after a draw (ie. ground ball possession, possession granted by referee).


Clock Stop

  • After each Goal - Stop the clock at referee’s whistle and arm signal of goal.
  • Referee Time Out – Stop clock at referee’s signal for time-out.  
  • Last Two Minutes of Each Half – the clock stops ONLY for the following:
    • Stops on official time out
    • Goals
    • Fouls in the Critical Scoring Area (everything inside the 12 meter mark) - last two minutes only
    • *** exceptions: running clock and 10 goal scoring lead
    • Restart clock on the whistle at the draw or at the end of the time out
  • Last Two minutes of Each Half - clock will RUN
    • Redraws
    • Goals
    • Restart clock on the whistle at the draw 


10 or more Goal Differential (2nd Half ONLY)

  • The clock will continue to run, a) after goals, and b) within the last 2 minutes of play (no stop clock), except when the official signals timeout. 
  • If the difference becomes less than 10 goals again, the stop clock procedure is reinstated.



NOTE: The clock shall be stopped during timeouts even if the game is being played with running clock due to the 10-goal differential. A running clock means that the clock is NOT being stopped after goals or on whistles in the last two minutes in each half