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Volunteer Requirements:

  • All Varsity families expected to serve in 5 Varsity Game Day volunteer spots AND 1 Special Event position
  • All Junior Varsity families expected to serve in 2 JV Game Day volunteer spots
  • Any family who chooses a Season Long position is not required to sign up for either Game Day spots or other Special Event spots
  • A $100 volunteer deposit check will be due at the Kick-Off meeting on January 28, 2020.  This check WILL BE RETURNED to you at the End-of-Season Banquet if you fulfill all of your volunteer commitments or find someone to fill in for you.  If you do not show or cover for one of your assignments, your check will be cashed at the end of the season.

Commitment to the volunteer jobs will be considered a requirement for completed registration at our dinner on January 28. 


Special Events Descriptions


Photographer  season long position - Nicole Lowrance (V), Carol Massie (JV)

The photographer will be asked to take photos at as many games as their schedule permits and share/publish those photos (electronically) for all to review and download as wanted.

Minimally, the photographer will be asked to share photos with the Booster secretary so that they can be posted on the website for all to see.


Game Day Meals & Transportation  season long position- Tracy Hoffman

When our teams travel to away games, they need something to eat (bagels, sandwiches, or some type of substantial snack) before they go.  Additionally, this year, we have added a requirement to provide parent-run carpools to away games due to the timing of available Fulton county transportation.  

This person(s) will be responsible for 1)providing the food on away game days and 2) soliciting and organizing parent drivers to transport all players to away games.  Food needs to be delivered to school for distribution before the teams leave and funding for these meals is provided through the Booster club treasury. 


Team Dinners

During the course of the season we will have 2 team (V and JV combined) dinners.  These are player only dinners (coaches too) and are simply an opportunity for the team to get together for a casual meal and time to hang out.

We need a volunteer to host the dinner at their home (or location of their choice, i.e. clubhouse) and some helpers to help with cost and preparation for the dinner. Cost of these meals should be shared by all who sign up for that date.


Senior Night

This event honors our Senior players at the end of their Northview career.  

Festivities are held at NHS stadium at the conclusion of the game. 

This person(s) will be responsible for arranging food/refreshments for the post game celebration as well as providing any decorations or special mementos for our seniors.

There is funding in the Booster treasury for this event. 


End-of-Season Dinner

This event is held at the conclusion of our season (usually early May) and is a celebration of our season for both V and JV teams.

These volunteers will work to plan the evening for players and their families.

There are funds in the booster treasury for this event and responsibilities include dinner and decorating planning and coordinating with coaches for awards and presentations.